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Acid Wash Turquoise On Off White

Decor Cowhide

Acid Wash Turquoise On Off White

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Acid Wash Turquoise On Off White

This Acid Washed Turquoise On Off White cowhide where we apply acid wash to a lovely natural off-white cowhide and then transfer the Turquoise part onto the hide for a unique and classy look that is both ultra modern and yet retains the Frontier appeal. Unique in look & style, and random in design. Perhaps the most beautiful of all our cowhide rugs, just stunning and very rare!!!!!! 

100% Brazil Quality  

We offer the best premium quality, soft and shiny product.

The photo is only a representation of the hide. Each hide may vary in Color, Brands or Marks.

Sizes Availables: 

M/L: 3.00 - 3.75 Sqmts ( approximately 35 Sqft ) 

XL: 3.80 - 4.25 Sqmts ( approximately 45 Sqft )

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Please understand that because these are natural animal hides, they will sometimes have occasional marks, firebrands, and scrapes. These blemishes are not defects but simple scars that add to the inherent characteristic of these rugs.

Our cowhides are chrome tanned using methods improved by the Brazilian tanneries over time which yield the best quality in the industry. Our cowhide rugs do not have a strong odor or the thin substance of hides tanned in Argentina or elsewhere.

Up keeping of hair-on hides is simple and hassle-free. Vacuuming can be done from time to time to remove dust and loose hair. In case of any spillage on the hide, wiping with a wet cloth should do the job. In the case of very humid environments, it is recommended to lay the hide outside in the sun once or twice a month.