We Customize any size and pattern

About us

Decor Cowhide is a Miami-based company importing cow hides and rugs directly from South America’s finest producers. Our cowhides proceed from countries with a long-standing tradition of leather making (Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia) where artisans have been producing some of the most sought-after hides and rugs, favored by designers from all over the world.

Our extensive inventory (more than five thousand hides ready for immediate shipping in the continental US) includes sixty-five different varieties of hair-on cowhide, making Decor Cowhide an ideal partner offering both quantity and quality.


Each one of our hides and rugs is one-of-a-kind. The photos in our website offer a close approximation in style and color but variations are expected, and a natural result of the uniqueness of each piece made individually from different animal skins. Blemishes, branding marks and other scars add character and individuality to each one of our pieces.

Worldwide shipping options offered.